Sunday, September 30, 2018

Southern Recipes

Serenbe May Day

Maple Pecan Cinnamon Buns

Ring in spring with this May Day party recipe from Serenbe chef Matt Adolfi.
Serenbe May Day

Coconut Granola

Ring in spring with this May Day party recipe from Serenbe chef Matt Adolfi.
Serenbe May Day

Buttermilk Biscuits

Ring in spring with this May Day party recipe from Serenbe chef Matt Adolfi.
Serenbe May Day

Herb Quiche

Ring in spring with this May Day party recipe from Serenbe chef Matt Adolfi.


Erika Council’s favorite comfort food recipes: Smothered pork chops and Granny’s stewed cabbage

Two of Council’s favorite comfort food recipes, smothered pork chops with rice and buttery stewed cabbage, are about succor, not glamour. They make a warming winter meal for a Sunday supper—or dinner any night of the week.

Five easy sandwich recipes that will make your coworkers jealous

You’ve probably been brown-bagging sandwiches since kindergarten. But eventually you reach a point when PB&J doesn’t cut it anymore.
South City Kitchen shrimp and grits

How to make South City Kitchen’s shrimp and grits

The rustic texture and toasty corn flavor of stone-ground grits bear little resemblance to the bland porridge of Jason Starnes’s youth. At South City Kitchen, he uses a 50/50 blend of earthy, yellow grits from Mills Farm in Athens and sweeter-tasting white grits from Riverview Farms in Ranger.



Why you should use every part of the carrot, according to Watershed chef Zeb Stevenson

“Whenever we get [carrots],” says Watershed on Peachtree executive chef Zeb Stevenson, “we milk them for everything they’re worth.”
Guacamole recipe

How to make perfect guacamole, from Superica’s Kevin Maxey

“I always thought I liked my guacamole super limey because that’s how I ate it in Texas,” says Kevin Maxey, chef at Superica. “But since then I have found that it’s just as delicious even when it’s just avocado and salt. It’s all about texture.”
Home Grown GA Fried Green Tomatoes

Technique: How to make Fried Green Tomatoes, from Home Grown GA’s Kevin Clark

It wasn’t until Kevin Clark opened Home Grown GA that he came to like this Southern classic, which can easily turn thin and soggy. What’s his secret?



Technique: Cafe Alsace’s Benedicte Cooper on perfect profiteroles

The profiteroles at Cafe Alsace have developed quite a reputation since Benedicte Cooper first put them on the menu 18 years ago. “We have regular customers who order them on their anniversaries instead of Champagne,” says Cooper.
Sarah O'Brien pecan pie

Technique: Little Tart Bakeshop’s Sarah O’Brien on making perfect pie crusts

Sarah O’Brien uses a standard recipe for making her irresistibly flaky crusts. So how come hers taste so much better than ours? “It’s all about the little things,” she says.

Skillet Berry Cobbler

You can’t beat a cast-iron skillet for corn bread and fried chicken, but those aren’t the only reasons to haul it out. I love the crispy edges it creates in this simple, buttery, down-home cobbler, inspired by one in Rebecca Lang’s outstanding volume, Around the Southern Table: Coming Home to Comforting Meals and Treasured Memories (Oxmoor House, 2012). It’s incredibly fuss-free, calling for only one mixing bowl. The hint of cornmeal adds an appealingly rustic layer of flavor and texture. Hers calls for a combination of half blueberries and half peeled and sliced peaches (cut in 1/4-inch-thick slices.) Since fresh, ripe peaches weren’t available at the market, I used a mixture of summer berries instead. When peaches come into season, you can bet I’ll make it her way. Serve this with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Leftovers are great warmed up for breakfast.